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Sayantan  Dhar

B.Tech, MBA


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From Kolkata

Speaks Hindi | English

Teaching Experience Yes




Speaking about myself, I can say: i) I enjoy teaching more than anything else ii) I try to make a difference in the mental upbringing of a student iii) I spread positivity iv) I always give more than 100% v) I like to stay organised vi) I’m open minded and vii) I always try to inspire a student Teaching Philosophy : My long years of teaching experience has helped me develop a set of beliefs about how I can best help students learn and grow. I feel in order to effectively teach a student, I must know and understand the exact difficulty they are facing in understanding any particular topic, so that I can help them accordingly on that topic, so that they can understand it with utmost ease in the most interesting and effective way, and can can do any sum very easily. Each student I teach, is an individual with their own beliefs, ideas and feelings. My teaching is tailored to each student’s preferred ways of learning, so that they can all achieve to the best of their abilities.