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Step 1 : Profile Creation

Fill in Application Form by clicking on 'Apply Now' button given below. While filling the form, you are asked to upload resume, ID proof etc. of specified size limits (eg. 100 kb to 250 kb). If you find any difficulty in uploading the required documents (resizing the document files), you can send the same to [email protected]. We will resize & upload the documents in your profile. Rest of the details will have to be updated/completed by the teacher. Once, you submit the filled in Application Form, your profile is automatically received by teachingcare.com.

Upon deliberation by screening committee, if you are having the suitable qualifications & experience, your profile will be made active & visible on the website.

Step 2 : Teacher On-Boarding & Training

You will be contacted by Teaching Care staff to fix an appointment to provide you the online technical training. During technical training you are told about various features of the online classroom, online whiteboard etc. so that you can comfortably use the classroom technology during the live classes. If you already, have online teaching experience, it will require less time for the training process. The training is free without any charges.

Step 3 : Demo Lecture and Personal Interview

Once your technical training is complete, an appointment is fixed with Teaching Care to have an online live face to face demo lecture and personal interview. You can pick a topic of your choice in the demo lecture to our experts. The demo lecture and personal interview take place via an online live class. Remuneration etc. are also discussed during the online live personal interview.

Step 4

After demo and interview you will start getting live classes to teach.

Sign Up / Application Modes :

Express Sign Up : Speedy process with highest priority. Entire On-boarding process (training & demo) starts & completes within two days. Rs. 500 (convenience charges) Express mode charges are only for training and demo and for fast tracking the process. Express mode does not guarantee classes to teachers as it solely depends on discretion of Teaching Care based on qualification, experience, fee demanded and suitability of teacher for online classes after training & demo.

Normal Sign Up : Slow process with least priority. No time Frame. On-boarding starts only after completion of selection process of teachers who sign up via Express Sign Up. No Fee.