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  • As compared to school teachers, Teaching Care's Teachers are: -MORE TRAINED -BRANDED: From Top Coaching Institutes of India -HAVE HIGH EXPOSURE -STRONG EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND FROM IITs, NITs, AIIMS, KVs, J.N.U., D.U. etc.


  • • BETTER PRESENTATION & BETTER LECTURE DELIVERY on account of Audio Videos, Powerpoint, Images, PDFs, Animations etc via virtual whiteboard

  • It will help the student to achieve much better results because Best Quality
    Teachers from Delhi, Kota will teach the student with full attention of the
    teacher on the child during the class based on child's individual learning needs.

  • COMFORT & SAFETY: As Best Teachers are available at unbelievably low costs at the comfort of your home, students need not to go to Delhi/Kota as it will save their money, time, transportation, lodging, food costs etc. Secondly, the home sickness, safety & security issues are also addressed especially for girl students.

  • • EASY ACCESS TO RENOWNED FACULTIES: Any renowned expert from any part of country will teach students at unbelievable low costs.

• Anytime/Anywhere Learning:

• Traveling Time Saved:

• Traffic Congestion avoided

• Energy & Fuel Saved:

• Energy & Fuel Saved:

• One to One- Personalized learning based on individual needs:

• Monitoring by Parent for better feedback:

• Dedicated Support Team


Currently, India's education system is stuck at a point where it faces a severe lack of quality teachers not only in basic elementary education, middle school education, senior school education, higher education but also in professional job oriented educational programs & educational institutions. Lack of good quality teachers has resulted into a vicious cycle that generates same low quality students & teachers year after year. For example, as per a report of 2016, 80% of India's Engineering graduates are unemployable as they don't have basic skills that could fetch them a decent job.
A handful of quality teachers cannot cater to the needs of huge number of students across the length & breadth of the country via offline tutoring on account of following factors: distance barriers: good teachers/tuition centers/coaching institutes are either not available nearby or are very far off

  • safety & security issues: especially safety of female students that stands highly vulnerable specially in Metro Cities where crime against women is at its peak. Parent's rather prefer not to send their female child to far off tuition centre/tutors/coaching institutes.
  • time barriers: Clash with school timings or late evening tuition time.
  • high cost barriers: Cost of travelling to a good offline institute/tuition centre or high cost of relocating, lodging, fooding for a far off coaching/ institute/tuition centre.
  • semi urban & rural areas of the country which accounts for more than 70% of the Indian population don't have easy access to best quality teachers/tuition centers/coaching institutes.
  • remote areas of the country especially North East of India again face an hindrance to get access to good quality teachers.
  • Despite paying lakhs of hard earned money by parents, increasing cases of student suicides on account of lack of individual attention by teachers in a class of 35 to 200 students in most of the so called top coaching brands of country, home sickness, lack of dear ones to share one's personal & study related problems etc. are not redressed by the offline coaching industry. Kota Coaching industry of India, is one such example. The parent's are forced to take admission in Kota due to lack of any alternatives, many of them prefer not to jeopardize their child's life. Hence, a handful of quality teachers of Kota, too, cannot be made available to all the students across the country on account of various other reasons to including those mentioned above.
  • Only technological intervention can help all of us to come out of this vicious cycle. Online Educational Technology resolves not only all the above issues but also a good quality tutor from any part of the country gets easily available at far less prices than offline coaching rates to any student anywhere in India. Choice is our's . Sooner or later we will have to adopt it as there is no other way left. As per Charles Darwin's theory of evolution," those who adapt will survive, rest are eliminated." Remember, toppers don't do different things, they do same things differently. All the best!










    Benefits of Live Online Face to Face Class from Teaching Care

    Learner Centric Teaching:

    • Tailor made Personalized Individual Attention
    • Understanding students level, needs and requirements
    • Teaching at learner's pace
    • Real Time Doubt Clearing

    Classroom at Your Home

    • Study while sitting at home anytime or anywhere


    • Flexibility of Time to study, Place to study and teachers to choose for study

    Energy Saving

    • Avoid hectic, tiring traffic and travelling distances

    Saving Of Time & Fuel

    • Save Precious traveling time and fuel

    Online Real Time Studying

    • With India's best teachers at unbelievable prices
    • Top Class Teachers
      • Highly Qualified, thoroughly screened, Quality Teachers
      • From IITs, NITs, AIIMS, JNU, DU, KVs
      • Trained rigorously
      • Personal attention to student's specific needs, levels and requirements.
    • Academic Systems and Methodologies
      • Planned lectures for effective delivery
      • Pre lecture Outline Notes
      • Post Lecture Detailed Study Notes
      • Regular Tests and Assignments
      • Regular follow ups with students and Parents
    • Latest Best Possible Technology
      • Every Lecture recorded automatically for revision
      • Works at low bandwidth
      • Dedicated team to handle the technological issues, if any

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