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How to be an Online Teacher: Online Tutor Training:

We live in an online world where most things have become available online including online shopping & online education. Over seven million students currently take one or more of their courses online; 50% of universities offer an online degree program. These numbers are only growing. Technology has changed the nature of education—and the jobs of educators. Online instruction requires different methods to help students learn. The students have become tech savvy and smarter. Many of the students prefer online tutoring for various reasons. There is immense demand for online tuitions from both India and overseas.
Though many of the teachers are really good at teaching offline (traditional face to face tutoring), a big majority has just a vague idea of how online tutoring works.
Due to a very high volume of requests from our tutors who want to learn how to teach online and how online tutoring works, we have launched a comprehensive 2 hour tutor training program. After this program, a tutor can confidently deliver online tutoring to any student in any part of the world. We know from our experience that once you learn how to tutor online after doing our comprehensive program, you will be able to approach confidently, not only online tutoring but offline tutoring as well.
All it takes is a day to setup and become an expert online tutor.
This Training is designed to help teachers update their skill sets to teach effectively online.

Training Details:

. Introduction to online virtual whiteboard tools/ virtual classroom tools required for online tutoring by highly experienced, trained software engineer of Teaching Care.
. Tips & suggestions regarding how to handle various issues that might come while teaching online & how to handle them smartly
. Five free virtual classroom live class links to practice with tools of online virtual classroom
. Free Online Live demo in front of Teaching Care's Academic Expert(s) having years of offline & online teaching experience. During demo in addition to knowledge various important aspects of tutoring are judged like content planning, presentation, communication, fluency, accent, delivery, lecture planning, exam levels & class levels you can teach etc.
. Re-scheduling of demo if the performance in the demo is not found satisfactory.
. Feedback/suggestions & tips by Teaching Care's Academic Expert(s) having years of offline & online teaching experience during demo
. Any other support that you might need in case you face any problem while teaching online.
. Certificate by Director of Teaching Care upon successful completion of training & demo. Certificate is kept optional as it is given only to those candidates who successfully & satisfactorily complete their training & demo keeping in view the expert's recommendation & your performance in demo and with extra payment of Rs. 500 only. Sample Certificate is shown below. . Assigning of Certificate completes your CERTIFICATE COURSE IN ONLINE TUTORING to become CERTIFIED ONLINE TUTOR for E-learning Industry & Global Online Education.
. Rs. 500 charges are only for training and demo and for fast tracking the process. Teacher training & demo does not guarantee classes to teachers as it solely depends on discretion of Teaching Care based on qualification, experience, fee demanded and suitability of teacher for online classes after training & demo.

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How to Teach : Online Classes or Offline Classes. Teacher Training Lecture by Dr. R. Singh, Director, Teaching Care